Advantages of homebirth

Birth is a healthy life event, not a medical event. Birth is a physiological and natural process and women should be treated as birthing women and not as a hospital patient.
Women who give birth in the privacy and intimacy of their home without unwarranted interventions have reported greater satisfaction and fulfillment from their birth experience.

You never have to leave your home, the midwife comes to your home for prenatal visits, for the birth of your baby, and in the days immediately following birth. A pediatrician or family physician should be contacted for a home visit and neonatal examination in your home within the first 24 hours after birth.

The feeling of security, safety and being in a familiar setting encourages birthing women to open up and act freely and uninhibited.

Pain in childbirth is substantially less or more bearable when the birthing woman feels safe, supported and cared for. A person’s mental state greatly influences their perception of pain. Familiar smells, music, or quiet, dim lights, careful gentle attention, and a calm reassuring atmosphere allow the woman to gently birth her child as she inherently knows how to, in the fashion that she has chosen to, surrounded by supporting and loving attendants. A woman who feels threatened and full of fear is more apt to suffer from extreme and unbearable pain. A woman who in control of her labor and birth will be able to deal with the pain of childbirth in a more positive way. Birth becomes an empowering experience.

Natural methods of pain relief such as hydrotherapy, massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology, guided imagery and homeopathy are available.

When women feel safe, comfortable and supported, and are able to act freely in an uninhibited way and do the things that their bodies prompt them to do; often labor and birth are much quicker. She can bathe, make noise, eat and drink as she wishes. There are no smells or sounds or strangers that distract her or intimidate her. There are no policies to restrict her. As a result her body is able to do it’s work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Even a small amount of stress can affect the rhythm of labor.
Natural methods of pain relief such as hydrotherapy, massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology, guided imagery and homeopathy are available.

By birthing at home you can avoid unnecessary interventions and their side effects, such as the use of narcotics for pain relief, epidurals, catheters and routine IVs. There are no continuous or prolonged fetal monitors or unnecessary hospital protocols.

There are less post partum infections when not exposed to the virulent germs that can be present in the hospital setting.

The baby’s heartbeat is periodically heard and evaluated by the midwife by use of a hand-held doppler.

In the event that fetal distress is suspected, or any other potential complication is detected the birthing woman will be immediately transferred to the hospital. In the event of transfer I always accompany the woman to the hospital.

According to the guidelines for homebirth published by the Israeli Ministry of Health, up to 30 minutes driving distance from a hospital is considered a safe distance for a home birth.

Basic resuscitation equipment such as oxygen, neonatal (and adult) ambu, airway and masks, suction device, IV fluids, conventional medications in case of uterine hemorrhage, urinary catheters, sutures and local anesthesia are brought to the birth to along with homeopathy and other non-conventional methods such as aromatic oils and tinctures.
I participate in annual neonatal resuscitation courses.


לידה טיבעית בבית In Israeli hospitals women are not allowed to give birth in water, therefore waterbirth is an option available only at home. Water can make the experience of giving birth shorter, easier and more comfortable for the mother, providing an alternative route to medical pain relief. The baby’s entry into the world can be gentler and free of trauma.

Inexpensive inflatable pools are available at toy stores. I recommend buying a pool by a company called “Intex”, model “Aquarium”. It is a round inflatable pool 56 cms high and 152 cms in diameter. You will also need a clean garden hose and an attachment to your faucet, along with a large supply of hot water.