After birth

After the birth, mother, father and baby are together at home. You can bond quietly, gently and lovingly with your baby without interferences and disruptions.
Because there are fewer interventions at a home birth, the recovery rate after homebirth is often much quicker. Common hospital interventions such as episiotomy, IV, urinary catheter, and epidural anesthesia along with it’s related headaches, side effects of various medications, and other discomforts are avoided.
A woman who births at home often feels energized and elated as soon as her baby is born.
Vitamin K is offered to the newborn either orally as an injection, according to the parent’s preference.

At home there is no separation between mother, father and baby. Breastfeeding gets off to a good early start. Early and frequent breastfeeding are key to establishing an adequate milk supply and assuring success in breastfeeding.

At home there are no well intentioned staff offering to take your baby away so that you can get some rest, and fewer instances of “mixed messages” and poor breastfeeding advice which can lead to a lack of self confidence, and a decrease in your milk supply. With home birth you are gently assisted when needed by your midwife.

I stay at your home for a number of hours after the baby is born to assure that both mother and baby are well, baby has breast fed, mother feels well, has gotten up, urinated, etc…After I leave I am still available by telephone for any questions or concerns that you may have in the hours and days after birth. I come to your home at least 1-2 times after the birth to see how you are doing, how breastfeeding is being established and to perform the PKU test on your baby at approximately age 48 hours. Feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns after the baby is born.

It is important that a pediatrician or family physician examines the baby with in the first 24 hours after birth.

Registering your baby in the Ministry of Interior (Misrad Ha-Pnim)

You do not have to go to the hospital to register your baby!! You will receive all of the paper work needed from me that will enable you to register your baby easily and quickly in the Ministry of Interior. This includes birth summary forms, neonatal examination forms, a photocopy of my Israeli midwifery license. Mother, father and baby must all be present at the Ministry of Interior in order to register the baby. You should register your baby by up to 2 weeks after delivery, and no later. You will receive a birth certificate from the Ministry of Interior with which you can register the baby with your health insurance (Kupat Holim), and with Social Security (Bituach Leumi).

At present women who birth at home are discriminated by Bituach Leumi and do not receive the birth stipend (ma’anak leida) given to all Israeli citizens who give birth in hospital, but you are entitled to get the monthly allowance (kitzbaat yeled).
If you wish to get the ma’anak leida you must get to the hospital delivery room with in 24 hours after the birth of your baby and be admitted and hospitalized for a minimum of 12 hours. This will enable you to receive the stipend and hospitalization will also include a neonatal examination by a pediatrician as part of you hospital stay, and the hospital will register baby with the Ministry of the Interior.